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How to enable CORS on Nimble Streamer

Cross-origin resource sharing on Nimble Streamer is controlled by the following parameters:

access_control_allow_origin = <some value>
access_control_allow_credentials = <some value>
access_control_expose_headers = <content-length>
access_control_allow_headers = <some value>

These parameters should be set into Nimble Streamer's configuration file /etc/nimble/nimble.conf. You can set

access_control_allow_origin = *

to allow access from any domain, or you can be more specific and use

access_control_allow_origin =

To validate that the headers are set appropriately, you can run:

curl -I [http-end-point]

The result should contain the following line:

Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *

For more information, read Cross-domain policy and access control in Nimble Streamer.