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Drm Protection

Viblast Player supports PlayReady, Widevine, ClearKey or Multi-DRM (e.g. PlayReady + Widevine) protected DASH streams.

Configuring PlayReady

The required PlayReady configuration is carried inside the DASH stream and there is no need to configure anything.

Configuring Widevine

Just like PlayReady, Widevine also carries most of its configuration inside the DASH stream. Only the Widevine Licensing Server needs to be explicitly specified. To do so, you need to add the viblast-widevine-licensing-server property to the video tag and specify the licensing server as the value:


Configure ClearKey

For ClearKey you should provide both the key id and the key itself:

<video id="dynamic-autoload">
        stream: 'http://myserver/drm-protected-stream.mpd',
        clearkey: {
              'the-key-id': 'the-key-itself' // you can add more than one pair

You can see an example in our codepen page.

Supported Browsers

Viblast relies on the built-in support for drm in the browser.

PlayReady is supported on IE11, Widevine on Chrome and ClearKey must be implemented on all browsers supporting EME.